Intermediate Service…



(only applies if normal dealer book services are fully up to date)

When should an Intermediate Service be carried out?

vehicle servicing

Vehicle manufactures recommend intermediate services for vehicles that are subject to one or more of the following driving conditions “Repeated short distance driving, extended periods of idling or low speed, driving on dusty, rough or muddy roads, driving in extreme climatic conditions, towing and continuous high speed driving”.

An intermediate service is normally a smaller interim service in between the normal service intervals in your log book. For example if your log book services are every 10,000 kms then the intermediate service would be every 5,000 kms, if your log book services are every 15,000 kms then the intermediate service would be every 7,500 kms.

The above description is typical of what most manufactures specify but for the exact details, refer to your vehicle’s service book as these services, may under the specified conditions, be necessary to maintain your New Car Warranty.

What does an Intermediate Service include?

vehicle servicing

An intermediate service includes – Replacement of the engine oil & oil filter, service of the air filter, and an inspection of all fluid levels and a minor safety inspection.

Additional Benefits.

Intermediate servicing can have additional benefits for your vehicle even if it isn’t subject to some of the more severe conditions described above. On a vehicle that has intermediate servicing carried out the oil is changed twice as often as it would otherwise be, this keeps the engine oil clean and reduces engine wear thereby increasing the life of the engine.

Is this of benefit in your personal circumstances?

Whether this is of benefit to you will depend on your circumstances. For example if you trade your vehicle in on a new one every 2 to 5 years you might not see the benefits of intermediate servicing (except when used in severe conditions as described above) but if you intend to keep your vehicle for the long term, carrying out intermediate services will increase the life of your engine giving you many years of extra motoring on the same engine. Despite the extra cost of servicing the extended engine life will bring down your overall cost of owning your vehicle.

We at AUTOSERVICE have seen many vehicles that have had their life extended due to intermediate servicing. In the case of our own 5 vehicles, we service them every 5,000 kms. One example of the extended life is our previous courtesy shuttle (Toyota Tarago), it did 500,000km on the original engine before it was updated, that’s well over the engine life you would normally expect.

Who carries out the Service?

The Service is always carried out by one of our Qualified Mechanics.

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